13-16 March 2023
Trafalgar Centre,
Nelson, New Zealand

Welcome to the 11th Rosaceae Genomics Conference

Registration is now open for the GDR Training Workshop, to take place prior to RGC11 on Monday 13 March, 9am-noon. Please book when you register. If you have already registered you can register again just for the workshop. See the programme page for more information.

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The 11th Rosaceae Genomics Conference (RGC11), is scheduled to be held in Nelson, New Zealand, on 13-16 March 2023.

Promising to be an exciting and insightful science event, this international conference offers a great opportunity to meet with leading researchers in the field of Rosaceae genomics, delivering a diverse and innovative programme. The conference will be hosted by Plant & Food Research and supported by New Zealand’s Genomics Aotearoa platform. 

The event will include a field trip to Plant & Food Research’s Motueka research orchard – a centre of research excellence and home to the company’s highly successful pipfruit, berries and hops breeding programmes. Also included is a 'Tools for Polyploids workshop' that will follow the conference. 

Rosaceae crops are key to New Zealand’s economic success. The country’s location and export focus necessitates research and innovation that ensures the delivery of premium fruit tree and berry cultivars and genomics is a crucial research field to achieve this.

Complementing the science aspects of the conference will be a recreational programme replete with social activities and opportunities for enjoying Aotearoa/New Zealand’s unique culture.

Why not make plans to come to New Zealand in March 2023 for RGC11?

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