22 February 2018
New Zealand

Welcome to the Advanced Diagnostics for New Zealand Food Safety 2018 workshop

Ever growing public safety concerns about food safety means that New Zealand must keep pace with global food safety testing and diagnostic technologies. Our multisector food industry has identified the need for rapid, sensitive and cost-effective detection methods for food-borne pathogens and undesired chemicals as being essential towards protecting the public from food-borne illness and for selling products to overseas and domestic markets.

The “Advanced diagnostics for New Zealand food safety” workshop is an opportunity to discuss new developments in the rapidly advancing field of advanced diagnostics. We will be exploring new approaches which could facilitate the routine real-time monitoring of food safety at food harvesting/processing sites, along the supply chain and at the consumer interface. The workshop will cover new technologies for the detection and characterisation of unsafe concentrations of chemical and biological contaminants, as well as technologies for the authentication and traceability of food of NZ provenance.

The aim of the conference will be to identify future research priorities in advanced diagnostics for NZ industry.