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Student workshop

Calling all Masters students, PhD students, and early career researchers (obtained PhD within the last year). 

A specific students/early career workshop will be held on Monday 9th November before the official conference opening. The workshop will be a platform for postgraduate students and postdocs to network with each other and to meet senior members of the postharvest research community prior to the conference. This workshop will include sessions on career progression, publication, and round table chat with some of the most well known names in the postharvest research community.

Numbers are limited to 80.

Internatioanal Development Aid Workshop

“Sustainability in Postharvest for international development.”

This one-day pre-conference workshop will give researchers from around the world the opportunity to exchange ideas, make contacts and learn about what other people have tried. International development projects come with their own unique set of challenges – wide differences in culture, countries personalities and of course diverse problems, ongoing changes and thus processes need to be adaptable. 

During the full-day workshop in two half-day sessions discussions, two interrelated topics will be discussed as small groups and as a whole group. Focusing on the postharvest aspects of development projects, technology development and ways of implementation and dissemination are the focus topics. Interwoven into those topics are generally the aspects of impact evaluation, projects development and co-creation (community involvemnt in any stage of the project, development to delivery). 

This workshop will provide a unique platform for idea generation, sharing of information, and advancement of sustainable progress in Postharvest in the international development work, to advance progressive values and build a brighter furutre for generations to come. Our goal is to create a better postharvest vaule chain in developing countries to ensure sustainable development for everyone along the value chain. Delivering good quality, safe produce to the market ensures sustainable growth for smallholder farmers, packhouse operators and the middle man alike.  

Numbers are limited to 100