27 August 2014
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Clinical Education Centre,
Auckland City Hospital, Auckland

Getting to Venue

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Clinical Education Centre
Clinical Education Centre
Level 5
Auckland City Hospital
Park Road

The Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Clinical Education Centre is a magnificent education facility in the heart of the Auckland City Hospital.   The Clinical Education Centre (CEC) was opened in November 2004. The Centre’s primary focus is clinical education and training. Emphasised with an elegant spacious interior, the CEC is a leading conferencing facility in Auckland.

For a map of the venue, click here.

Directions from the carpark:

Walk along the walk way to level 1 of the main building—follow the blue lines.

Take the public lifts to level 5. Turn right and follow signs to the Clinical Education Centre (CEC).

Directions from the main entrance:

Walk through the main entrance to the new hospital. Take the escalator to level 5 and turn left.

The CEC entrance is approximately 30 meters on the left hand side.