27 August 2014
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Clinical Education Centre,
Auckland City Hospital, Auckland

Enhanced Value For Food Through Health Benefits

Nutrition, health promotion and disease prevention continue to be a focus for public health messages. The food, beverage, supplement and ingredient sectors are key players in producing an environment that enables healthy eating practices, and with the Nutrition, Health and Related Claims standard 1.2.7 now in place, it is timely to review how local R&D is supporting export growth in the food sector through such claims.

The programme will be structured on three key themes necessary for a food health claim – bioactives and food characterisation, mechanisms of action, and demonstrating health benefits through clinical trials. The recent experience of the kiwifruit sector in notifying a health claim will highlight the issues encountered.  In addition, one session will offer some short sharp presentations designed to generate debate and discussion on topical issues for the food sector in the quest for health claims and increased export value.

This conference will appeal to technical, NPD, marketing and nutrition managers from the diverse food production sector, regulatory specialists, health and nutrition professionals, consultants, consumer advocates, representatives from the retail sector, and those engaged in relevant R&D. Registrants will leave the meeting with an awareness of the realities and practicalities of achieving food health claims, and with new contacts across the food value chain and the research community.

We welcome your registration for this unique event.