ICBI Congress, 1-4 May 2023
B3 Conference, 5 May 2023,
Christchurch Town Hall, New Zealand


Preliminary programme coming soon.

Background.  The previous ICBI’s have been held in response to the global challenge of invasive alien species (IAS) that threaten biodiversity, ecological safety and food safety systems in many ecosystems, particularly as international trade, tourism and transportation continue to expand.

Scope.  Animal (vertebrate, invertebrate), plant and weed biodiversity/bio protection/biosecurity.  Pre-border, at-border and post-border biosecurity.  Terrestrial and marine systems. Freshwater.

Conference theme.  Innovation. Collaboration. Partnership.

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California Poppy, Lake Tekapo (Bio-Protection Resource Centre) Wilding Pine, Queenstown (Bio-Protection Research Centre)