17-18 May 2021
Te Papa,

Plant Biosecurity Research Initiative

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COVID-19 contingency plan

Below is our plan on how the B3 Conference will be managed under the various COVID-19 Alert Levels. This is also relevant for any Australian delegates who may choose to take advantage of the Trans-Tasman Travel bubble and attend the Conference in NZ.  

Please note that provision for Australian delegates to participate via the Live Stream option is already in place.  This virtual option will be used as a backup for everyone should we not be able to proceed with the live conference.

COVID-19 Alert Level Change in New Zealand

Should the COVID-19 Alert Levels change within New Zealand before the start of the B3 Conference the following scenarios will come into effect:

  1. If Wellington is at Alert Level 1 the B3 Conference will continue as a face-to-face meeting with live streaming for Australian delegates. 
  2. If Wellington is at Alert Level 2 or above, the B3 Conference will be live streamed to all delegates. The option to physically attend the Conference will not be available due to NZ Government protocols.
  3. If any other region in New Zealand is at Alert Level 2 or above, delegates from that region will join the Conference via the live stream option (links will be sent). Delegates from regions at Alert Level 1 may physically attend the Conference.

The above scenarios illustrate there is a possibility that Australian delegates choosing to fly  to NZ could end up attending a virtual conference along with everyone else if Alert Levels change.

We understand that there are a number of different Alert Levels and protocols that affect NZ and Australian delegates and as these can change at short notice we recommend you keep the following link bookmarked for ease of reference:

Unite against COVID-19

Delegates choosing to travel from outside of New Zealand to attend this Conference, do so at their own risk and expense.

If you have any queries please contact